My-Beads Charms Bracelets

My-Beads Sterling Silver Charm bracelets are the hottest trend today, and you can steal the spotlight with our Build Your Own Sterling Silver My-Beads Charm Bracelet.
My-Beads Sterling Silver Charm collecting has never been more popular and allows you to design a customised sterling silver charm bracelet to reflect your own personality and you can continue to add new little treasures to them over the years for each of life’s special occasion.
My-Beads Sterling Silver Charm bracelets are often purchased as a keepsake and passed down through the generations as a priceless piece of family history.
No other piece of jewellery is quite like a sterling silver charm bracelet - unique and individual, feminine and highly collectable, My-Beads Sterling Silver Charm bracelets are always in fashion and they create a unique collection of personal charms to be treasured forever.
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My-Beads Sterling Silver Charms and Bracelets.
Material: 925 Sterling Silver. (Nickel and lead free)

My-Beads Charms Bracelet